Upgrade Graylog 2.1 to 2.2

So Graylog came out with version 2.2 which added some cool new features. https://www.graylog.org/blog/88-announcing-graylog-v2-2-0

A little background I run a 3 node graylog cluster gets some decent use.

Each node is running graylog,mongodb,elasticsearch and has 8vCPU, 32GB mem and 500GB disk.  This all sits behind a Kemp load balancer.


The current 2.1 repo will not pull the newest files so when you just run a yum update it will not see the latest graylog which is fine.

So I added the newest repo and ran yum update again, still only saw the latest 2.1 and no 2.2.  I read through some online forums and saw that people were adding the repo and installing over the old one and copying back their server.conf files which seemed overkill to me.  Turns out it was just the caching mechanism in yum, did a yum clean all and yum update and everything worked perfectly.

Method I used on Centos 7.3 graylog 2.1 to get to 2.2


  • verify the correct version will be installed and hit y then enter on all nodes
  • now start with the master and run systemctl start graylog-server.service
  • Once the master is up and running and things look healthy start the other two nodes but not before

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