Horizon View and Windows 10 LTSB

If you have Windows 10 in a VDI environment you know the pains of trying to disable all of the junk you don’t want running that is just wasting CPU\MEM and increasing logon times.  You can run the Optimization Tool but it can be finicky with disabling those pesky windows 10 features.

I began experimenting with the LTSB image to combat some of this a while back and had great success because pretty much all of the stuff you want to disable in a VDI environment with Windows 10 desktops is already removed from the LTSB image.  I generally try to stick to to the support matrix of any vendor I use, however if I need to I will leave that behind and did when it came to this.

Microsoft has said the LTSB image is not for users, it is for appliances and hardware and shouldn’t be used in the case.

VMware didn’t even support this image at the time and probably still don’t.

However if you don’t mind being responsible for this piece of the infrastructure I have had great luck with it. The LTSB image uses less resources and boots faster than the Windows 10 Enterprise Image.


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