View 7.2: No co-management availibility for the protocol

TL;DR: There is a bug in 7.2 PCoIP Gateway Server, contact support for a SecurityGateway.exe patch or wait for the next version of Horizon.

Recently we began to see the error in our logs:

Unable to launch from Pool for user : No co-management availability for protocol PCoIP

It shows up as an Audit Failure and you can also find these in your events database. This is the query I run to find them. It’s not efficient by no means, but hey, it gets the job done.

SELECT [EventID],[Module],[EventType],[ModuleAndEventText],[Time],[Source], [Severity],[Node]
FROM [view7events-db].[dbo].[VE_event]
WHERE [ModuleAndEventText] like ‘%No co-ma%’
ORDER BY [Time] desc

I spent four weeks diagnosing and trying to find out what this issue is. Turns out there is a bug in Horizon 7.2 code causing this issue. Contact support and they should be able to provide a patch for you.


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