Veeam Exchange 2016 Best Practices

This is just a list of things I have that seems to get Veeam and Exchange to a point of set it and forget it.

  1. Use Hot Add or SAN, stay away from NBD
  2. Do Not use VMXnet3 use E1000E for all adapters
  3. Increase timeouts for Exchange Failover
  4. Make sure guest interaction proxy is on same network as exchange servers
  5. Use Local Administrator account for AAIP, don’t use domain credentials
  6. Turn on Indexing on the Job for faster restores through Enterprise Manager
  7. Use a Dedicated proxy if doing hot add
  8. Do not run Health-checks or Compacts more than once a month
  9. If you are running a backup copy job don’t do it more than once a week
  10. Forever Incremental is a great space saver and works just fine for about 6 weeks of daily backups.  If you need to go farther than that add in synthetic fulls to cut down on your merge time
  11. Use REFS on Windows 2016 for your backup target file system, self healing, no checkdisk, limits that you probably will never approach for file or volume size.  Fast clone built in.  Just realize that REFS is slower so you may need faster disk underneath if your incremental is big.

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