Horizon 7.2 Reuse computer accounts not being honored

As with all Horizon desktops, there is the occasional problem desktop that needs to be deleted and re-provisioned. Or you have an issue occur somewhere in your infrastructure that causes hundreds of VM's to go offline or lose access to the Horizon connection servers. So you delete the VM's and let Composer do it's thing.... Continue Reading →

Horizon Logon Monitor Data Analysis

For those of you who don't know, the very useful fling for the Horizon Logon Monitor fling has now been built into the Horizon agent as of 7.1. If you are running 6.X or 7.0, I strongly urge you to install this lightweight tool. The monitor gives you fantastic insight into what is chewing away at... Continue Reading →

VDI Resource Calculator – v1.0

This may come in handy for those of you planning to deploy a VDI environment.  I built this excel "calculator" so hopefully people can get a quick idea of the amount of hosts needed based on their own desktop requirements. I also built this as my group is being looked at to help others with their own... Continue Reading →

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