1. RV Tools If you use vCenter this is a great overall tool to manually find and remediate issues.
  2. Sysinternals
    1. Process Explorer to find out what is using your CPU and MEM.
    2. Autoruns to find out what is starting up at logon and disabling it.
  3. Logon Monitor is great for fine tuning and getting those VDI logon times down.
  4. Port Query to find out if a specific port and protocol is open to a target machine.
  5. VMware OS Optimization Tool fine tuning that VDI desktop and building templates.
    1. Logon VSI Template great starting point for getting to those 12 second logon times.  YMMV as this will break functionality with most applications but is a good starting point.
  6. Chocolatey often overlooked is managing all of those packages for your VDI deployment.  This tool allows you to have a central repository for all of your apps and their configurations.  Also eases documentation as you can export a list of installed software.  Remove the client before recompose.
  7. Active Directory Replication Status Tool is absolutely amazing for checking the health of AD.  It collects all sorts of useful information and will even point you to Technet articles for relevant error codes.
  8. Exchange Environment Report is a script used to collect relevant information on your exchange environment which can become part of your daily reports.  It is a great way to catch missed backup jobs or databases that are starting to run low on space.
  9. Live Optics this is what used to be the Dell DPACK and has gotten way better.  You also no longer need dell to run it.  Use it to size your environment or help find where your storage bottlenecks are.
  10. Horizon Reach is an amazing tool for watching what your environment is doing, and the dashboards are something that I think everyone in VDI can appreciate.

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