Microsoft Exchange OWA Banner

I recently went through a migration of Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.  One of the changes to the environment was the move to putting Exchange behind our SAML login platform ADFS 3.0.  One idea we had was to let our OWA users know right on the website.  Microsoft does not give a way to do... Continue Reading →

SCOM Console Slow

So I spun up a new System Center Operations Manager 2016 environment.  I have been building SCOM systems for some time back to 2007.  I like the product and as far as I am concerned there is nothing else for a primarily windows environment that will give you that level of visibility, monitoring and reporting.... Continue Reading →

Upgrade Graylog 2.1 to 2.2

So Graylog came out with version 2.2 which added some cool new features. A little background I run a 3 node graylog cluster gets some decent use. Each node is running graylog,mongodb,elasticsearch and has 8vCPU, 32GB mem and 500GB disk.  This all sits behind a Kemp load balancer. The current 2.1 repo will not pull... Continue Reading →

Elasticsearch Diskspace

Elasticsearch 2.x installed on Centos 7.3 By default Centos 7 will allocate the majority of disk space to /home. Unfortunately, this is not where Elasticsearch is storing data by default. Run df -h to take a look at your partitioning. If in Graylog you receive a journaling error this could be the reason. This is because... Continue Reading →

Geoserver, Tomcat 7 and JSONP

I came across an issue recently where we were trying to get JSONP enabled for a Geoserver install.  Attempting to turn it on in web.xml was not working and as it turns out is not supported by Geoserver. To enable JSONP in Tomcat 7: go into /tomcat/bin if there is no file create one insert "export... Continue Reading →

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