Horizon Logon Monitor Data Analysis

For those of you who don't know, the very useful fling for the Horizon Logon Monitor fling has now been built into the Horizon agent as of 7.1. If you are running 6.X or 7.0, I strongly urge you to install this lightweight tool. The monitor gives you fantastic insight into what is chewing away at... Continue Reading →

Converting PFX to PEM and Key with OpenSSL

I use the DigiCert utility to generate and complete all my SSL certificate requests. Since upon import these certificates get automatically added to the Windows keystore, and our certificate provider doesn't provide a good way to get a PEM certificate for Linux-based appliances. I always seem to forget how to do this and finally I... Continue Reading →

Windows Defender Exclusions SQL Server

These are the Powershell commands for exclusions on a Microsoft SQL Server on Windows 2016.  This only includes the Database role, if you have Reporting, Analysis, Full Text Indexing or other roles there will be more. The -ExclusionPath will need to be changed to what you configured in SQL on install. Powershell must be run... Continue Reading →

VDI Resource Calculator – v1.0

This may come in handy for those of you planning to deploy a VDI environment.  I built this excel "calculator" so hopefully people can get a quick idea of the amount of hosts needed based on their own desktop requirements. I also built this as my group is being looked at to help others with their own... Continue Reading →

Centos Firewall Source Rule Creation

This is useful for protecting your elasticsearch cluster.  Something like graylog should be the only thing that is able to connect to it outside of the other elasticsearch nodes. firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-rich-rule='rule family="ipv4" source address="" port protocol="tcp" port="9300" accept' firewall-cmd --reload

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